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The Cleansing Coins
The Cleansing Coins
The Cleansing Coins

The Cleansing Coins


From coin to cloth, to cleanse, remove and exfoliate, our Cleansing Coins gently, yet thoroughly, remove cleanser, dirt and impurities when paired with your favorite cleanser. These 1-inch coins morph into 10 x 10-inch cloths when moistened with water, and their woven texture allows for daily use to gently cleanse and unveil a radiant blank slate. Each tube of Cleansing Coins contains 12 coins.


  • More thorough cleansing - Lather and remove face wash and cleanser, including cleansing balm and oil
  • Gentle exfoliation without irritation
  • Versatile - Ideal for removing makeup, masks and exfoliants
  • Hygienic - Use one cleansing coin per use, sans waste
  • Made from 100% cotton cellulose
  • Biodegradable and home compostable



To prep a Cleansing Coin, moisten with water or micellar water (if removing makeup) and unroll into a cloth. To remove cleanser, exfoliants, masks or makeup, sweep the moist cloth over your face, rinsing as needed. To lather your cleanser and more deeply clean your pores, drape the cloth over fingers and massage in circular motions.